I assume you picked up the enlarger second hand correct? Few buy enlargers brand new these days.

I have an old Omega DII that I recently switched out the lamphouse to the Super Chromega Dichroic II.
I picked up the dichroic head off ePrey and it wasn't in the best shape so it afforded me the luxury of getting to know the inner workings and how the filters and light path were designed.

On the Omega, the filters swing in and out of the light path by means of a geared cam setup and the whole cam assembly/filter holder-arm can become crusted from old lube and the incredible amount of dust that can get in there if the head is not periodically maintained.

The filters are quite small, say 25cm x 25cm and are held in place with 4 drops of glue/cement. The filters can VERY easily become loose or cracked and slide out of position.

What I'm getting at is although your lamphead will be a different design the principles are the same and not that difficult to figure out if you are at all mechanically inclined and can get a good look at things.

You can open up the head and clean up everything and see if somethings been knocked out of place etc. There's quite a few parts that can get bumped out of place etc on an older unmaintained enlarger.
The head will run cooler if you get the dust out and preform much better.

It can be a bit intimidating at first but if you take it slow on a well lit table/workbench the designs aren't real complex.

Good luck in getting everything straight again.