Just got back from a stock shoot to be greeted by some more cards. A quick update on those I have received:

  • Kegon Falls, Dr Zish
  • Stuffed Animals, Birger
  • Trailbike, Mick Fagan
  • Brass Lions, Ben Taylor
  • La Maccina, OMU
  • Notre Dame Stairwell, Warren Hinder
  • Dances, Rudiger
  • Tsukiji Fish Market, Tim Gray
  • Sadhu, Tocalosh
  • Barn, Darwin
  • Sunset & Storm, Christopher Walrath
  • Bunker, Black Dog
  • Maylands Brickworks, Polyglot

Looking forward to the remaining cards from Crispin, David Bram, Eric, Lynda, Mark Rewald, Matt King, Rachelle, Rob Skeoch, Roger Bulcock, Roger Thoms and Lillian.

Wonderful round; have enjoyed receiving some mail in my new home that doesn't consist of bills!!

Now I just need to start on the next round - something different due to lack of a darkroom for my list! Can't wait to see what arrives in the mailbox this time.