I recently rehabilitated a Hansa dichroic, and passed it on as part of a 'darkroom in a box' kit that I put together out of things surplus to me.

So now I have a happier wife, since I have less 'junk' in the house.

I also have a young work mate tickled to be able to start printing again after his last available darkroom evaporated when he left uni.

The Hansa's build quality was alright. I had to make a clip to pick the lamp (an MR16 type affair) back into the middle of the optical path; the original one was missing.
I also added a couple of screws into the factory tapped holes to hold the diffusion box into alignment.
I made a 6x6 neg carrier out of foam core and 4 ply mat, since it only came with a 35mm carier, and the coverage was good for 6x6.