Hi everybody. I'm all new to developing and enlargeing. I have asked a few questions before about darkroom equipment, and after a month searching ebay, and some other local sites, I think I have found a bundle that will fit my needs. Now i just need your opinion. I'm going to use it for 6x6.

I have been offered a:
Durst M605 enlarger B&W
Rodenstock Rodagon 50 mm f 2,8
El-Nikkor 75 mm f 4
Phillips timer
Jobo Developing tanks
Homemade developer engine for Jobo tanks (what is it?)
Pliers, different trays, film clips and Paterson paper washer
Durst UT 100
Jugs, measuring cups, bottles and thermometer.
Different folding frames, home made paper holders, chemistry and some paper.

The guy askes 1000dkr = 118

I would love your opinion!

Niels from Denmark