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Durst M605 enlarger B&W
Rodenstock Rodagon 50 mm f 2,8
El-Nikkor 75 mm f 4
Phillips timer
Jobo Developing tanks
Homemade developer engine for Jobo tanks (what is it?)
Pliers, different trays, film clips and Paterson paper washer
Durst UT 100
Jugs, measuring cups, bottles and thermometer.
Different folding frames, home made paper holders, chemistry and some paper.
Round here, the lenses usually fetch 25-30 each, the enlarger, perhaps 10-20. The Jobo tanks depend very much on what size they are - If they are the 15xx or 2521 with reels, 10 for the 15xx, 20-80 for the 25xx (depending on which reel). The larger print drums vary in value and to be honest, not worth as much as some would like.

The "developer engine" could be a simple roller base, or something a bit more advanced. Of the other bits, the paper washer could be worth 10-20, the rest, of nominal value. Paper & chemistry depends on how old, and the storage condition - The paper could be fogged to hell, or worth using for contact sheets.

Based on what I would expect to pay in the UK, 100 would not seem too excessive, but I'd prefer a colour head. If it is a private sale locally, I'd take a look at the stuff and try to knock him down (start at 500dk)...