I didn't get much chance to really ring the two Meogon 80mm's out last night, but did a little test and both of them look very, very good. They beat out my 75mm and 90mm Omicron-el lenses, but were not any better than the black Componon(non -S) 80mm f5.6 that I have. I could only use the little Saunders/LPL6700 as my D3 isn't fully aligned yet. I went as large as 16"x16" from a 6x6 neg and cropped for a corner and center of that neg. The Meogon 80mm seemed to have slightly better contrast than the Componon 80mm, but not by much and the corners were the same at f8 and very close to the same wide open. Since "wide open" is f2.8 on the 80mm Meogon I'd say that's pretty darn good. I'm happy so far, but will really test out my armada of lenses when I finish aligning the Omega D3. The D3 will allow me to crop much easier than the little LPL6700. It sure is nice to have a fully functional darkroom again. I lock the door from the inside and have music playing so I'm in a little world all of my own. My wife wants me to install and intercom system so she can make sure I haven't died in there. Women sure do seem to worry more than men do about that. I told her I have a Nextel(cell phone) and she can beep me if she hasn't seen me for a day or two. JohnW