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I received the RT/LU RA4 kit from Ag Photographic today and got that mixed up (5l 1st batch) tonight all fine.

So I have started to try and get some prints. I have done RA4 with the mono kits before and had good results (even if after about 6 weeks the chems were expired) -- so I know I can do this, but I was using trays, since then I got an 8x10" drum (Cibachrome one), no roller or motor base but rolling at a steady rate on a protected floor is fine (isn't it?)

The temperature would have dropped off from 20 deg C in my bathroom tonight, probably lower than 18 deg C (maybe nearer 15 by the end?)

The first test print established around a 30 second exposure time for the neg I am printing (from a 6x6 neg), the second print like the test strip had a strong pinky/brown hue suggesting increased blix time, so I increased blix'ing time to 2 minutes, that solves the tinge.

My problem is the final print was very very faint despite a ~3 min development time and entirely yellow in colour (the Opemus 6 Colour 3 head was set to 65M 55Y) -- which I have never seen before. What reason could there be for this?

Is it a non light tight closure on the drum? Low temperature?

I am going to go back at this tomorow but if there is an obvious answer then I can get a bit of a head start tomorrow. Tomorrow I will work harder at getting the temps stable at 20degC.

I might try returning to trays as I had before but it is cleaner and easier with the drum.


ps: Yes I did search and maybe I used the wrong terms but I couldn't see anything matching this question.
You seem to have a very cold bathroom? 15 degrees centigrade?