Yes I had noticed that there isn't any of that crud at the bottom and once mixed up it didn't seem nearly as noxious.

As for the 15C thing, glad that I'm not alone, made me wonder if I live in an ice box hehehe The rest of the flat is certainly warmer (though not 20C ambient.)

Anyway the heated Nova slot processor is something that I may need to consider. I will experiment tonight by doing the chemical processing part in the kitchen where I can easily keep the solutions at 20degC, probably 35C easily in a water bath should I choose. Not sure why I didn't think of this before.

As for mixing up the entire 5L, the problem I have is I would have nothing here to hand to expunge the air from the various part bottles once I had say used 20% of the solution to make up 1L (assuming I divide everything by 5, makes sense really) -- I don't have any fizzy drinks/soda bottles and so forth to hand or marbles, butane etc. -- I will make sure I have something for the next batch to try and reduce the volume I'm using. Any tips on this will be gratefully received (although I read a fair bit on here already.)

Also although paltry compared to what 5L of dev/blix can do, I do have quite a large backlog of RA4 to do, around a good 60-80 prints which if I can get something consistent going soon; I should be able to do those in 6 weeks if I can do 10 over the weekend for the next few weekends. (Emminently possible! Plus I'll likely do some in the week.)

The next lot I'll make sure I put together batches of 1L at a time to preserve the lifespan of what I have ordered.