[color=black]Below are shots of my current darkroom which I started building about 10 months ago (which is about the same time I found APUG.org!). The space measures 7 x 12 and is located in the basement. Itís still not complete (I am beginning to think that darkrooms never are), but extremely functional. Following the old Scottish proverb of "money is flat and meant to be piled-up" I made both the sink and corner cabinets myself for about 1/3 of what Home Depot was charging. My advice for anyone thatís looking for building materials is to check the phonebook and see if your local chapter of Habitat for Humanity has a store. I was able to pick up some countertop material, was well as a sink and faucet for a very reasonable price. My next projects are installing a ventilation system, making a cover for the electrical panel, and making a film dryer. [/color]

[color=black]I am sorry about the photo quality, my scanner aside from being insanely slow, does a poor job at scanning film, and yes the strange lighting was just me playing around with my new off camera flash. [/color]