I imagine that it's not as easy to find second hand equipment in the UK as it is to find it in Dk. So, if all the equipment is in good condition, I would say it's a fair price.

The 605 was an excellent enlarger in it's day and featured in many school & college darkrooms - it's well designed and robust. It may be worth asking if the seller has condensers for both 35mm and 6x6 - but it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, the 6x6 condenser works well with 35mm too, it just means giving more exposure. Perhaps, if you wait for it, a top quality 5x4 enlarger will come up one day - but it will be twice as big with twice as many things to go wrong... Personally, I'd rather have a condenser enlarger to print B&W - it gives images more "snap". Besides, you could always add a filter for diffusion.

The UT 100 film dryer is very useful bit of kit - essentially a heated, filtered, fan unit with a soft pvc bag hanging beneath to contain the films. I've seen them in several professional darkrooms, used when a drying cabinet would have been too big. Check the bag for condition, even if it's damaged you could fabricate a new bag fairly easily with sheets of thick polythene or vinyl.

Maybe the 80mm EL Nikkor is better than the 75mm on paper, but I sincerely doubt that anyone will ever spot the difference in your prints.

Ten years ago this gear would have cost well over 500 second hand and approaching 1,000 new, it would have been far beyond the means of most amateurs.