This weekend, I'll be picking up a HK 10x10 horizontal color enlarger, like the one here.

Does anyone have any experience with one of these? I'm in the process of building an 8x10 camera, and for $200, couldn't pass up the deal on a 10x10 color enlarger.

I'll be setting it up in my garage, as I'm sure it won't fit in my darkroom. I don't have 220v power out there, and the seller is not sure if it needs 220v, but if necessary, I can get a upstep converter.

It doesn't come with a lens, but I have a Rodenstock 300mm f/9 APO-Ronar process lens laying around. I'm not sure about the coverage at larger magnifications, but we'll see... If I find coverage or quality lacking, I can always upgrade later.

The largest I anticipate printing in the nearer future is 40"x50". I have to do some more research on processing prints this large, but I'm planning on either using wallpaper trays, or making a processing drum out of ~4" diameter PVC and rolling the paper with some type of mesh. Any experience on the processing of larger prints as well?