I've been thinking. This usually gets me in trouble, but I'll go on.

We have a lot of characters in this town. A lot of good people. Those people are going to be out of work next year when the Electrolux plant closes in town.

The one here makes washers and dryers. It used to employ almost a couple thousand people. Over the last year, layoffs have depleted that number to around 800, maybe 850. My husband was one of those who got the ax. He, luckily, went on to find a good job at another place in town. Some others aren't so lucky.

I kinda want to tell their stories; those of the people who work or worked at the plant and those of the families that they have that are also inevitably affected by such a huge employer leaving a small town.

Large project. Huge scale. Scared as hell to start down the road to do this. Need some encouragement, I suppose. The fact that I'm thinking of using 4x5" film isn't helping my nervousness.

What say you, APUGers? My husband will be the first portrait taken. Then my dad, and the rest of the 5 or so poeple in my family who still work there. Then the rest of those I know who used to. Then anyone those people can point me to who can sit still for up to 5 seconds. As many as I can.

There's no other photographer doing this to my knowledge.

I think what I'm most scared of is not doing these people justice with my skills. I still have a lot to learn. So...how crazy am I?