I agree with Suzanne do it.

Back in 2000/1 I worked in a sugar beet factory, which had opened in 1923, and just after Christmas we were told it had one more campaign (season) left then it was being closed down. I got permission from the management and the following year documented the site, particularly the various parts of the process. I was lucky because I went in and always worked with the shift team I'd been part of.

So far I've only printed maybe 12 images from 25+ rolls of 120, and a handful of 5x4's, but the value (as historical document) of the images becomes more important with time and they will be going to a new museum which being set up in the town.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to document the people, I was working full time elsewhere, but many were near to retirement and had good packages, others moved to associated companies but all were given generous financial compensation.