Well, I'm busy trying again tonight.

Good news, in trays I am having no problems like I was yesterday. I have sussed my colour balance for the shots I took on Pro 400H (85M 50Y) and I'm now getting good prints.

My problem now is my tongs are possibly scratching the prints? Because I'm sometimes getting marks that are too smooth in their curves or too straight to be defects on the film. I'm being very gentle but its no guarantee.

So I think I need some more delicate tongs. (Although the ones I have have been fine for B&W for years and years.)

Thanks for the help all, I would guess my problem was indeed contamination in the tank. Even though I am back in the pitch black, I'm finding it easier with the trays. (10x8 trays submerged in 12x16 trays with water hotter than 20 deg C)

If I get two good prints tonight I'll be happy with that (I'm not after huge volume to start with, just getting it right will do me tonight!)