I've been doing alot of 4x5 work these past few weeks.

Although I have no problem tray developing, I'm getting tired of being knuckle deep in chemistry.

I'm been wanting to build a slosher for a good long while and I even had the plexiglass to do it.

I was just about to dive into a build when I notice the 14 or so 2x2 hangers I had on hand. I have neither the space not the tanks to use them as designed so I have sacrificed one (shutter) to slosherdom.

All i did was hack-saw off the hanger section; de-burr the edges; and then drill a while in the center for a handle (a metal post, in my case).

It fits perfectly in my Paterson 8x10 trays.

I'll do some souping with it this week to determine how evenly developing proceeds.

Here's some pics if you are interested: