One of the most important factors in good photographic work is picking topics that you are familiar with, and documenting over a long period of time.

An example is one of my clients Dr Mark, in Canada there were no house call Doctors. He decided he would like to document his house bound patients , so he started doing house calls with a 4x5 camera.

12 years later he has moved his practice to a completely mobile one , he does house calls only, the ministry of health has provided an ongoing budget to fund a nurse practitioner, a nurse, a social worker, a housecleaning worker, and a administrator all under Dr Marks supervision working as a team with elderly patients in their home.

Mark has been featured in a National Film Board Movie which won a Gemmini Award called House Calls, he has spoken more times on this subject that he is now an highly regarded spokesperson for this topic in Canada. He has been featured in national and regional newspaper articles promoting his work.

To date he has had two photographic shows and right now I am preparing a Solo Show of his work for the Royal Ontario Museum, titled House Calls.
this show will hang for 6 months and thousands are expected to see this show.

My point to this long story is that you should go for it as others have also encouraged you.. Shoot 4x5 , get releases, and keep at it. There is so many possibilities for you to persue and judging by the current economy, you would be photographing and telling stories of very important issue that is close to you , your friends and actually all of us.

Marks , hero btw is Dorthea Lange who took a few good photos of a topic that needed to be shown.


good luck