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I kinda want to tell their stories; those of the people who work or worked at the plant and those of the families ... affected ...
Every picture tells a story is not merely a cliche. It's truth. Remember, in this project you aren't making "portraits" or "art" or any of a hundred other reasons people make photographs. You're telling the stories of the people, much like the old folks tell the stories of dear departed Uncle Lucas or whoever at Holiday gatherings.

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Do it... those are important stories to tell... do it!!
The first advice is right.

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I think what I'm most scared of is not doing these people justice with my skills. I still have a lot to learn. So...how crazy am I?
Who the hell knows why G*d assigns things to particular folks.

Or, as the Zen masters would say, be here now. Will you do them justice? Wrong question! Will doing nothing do them justice? Better something, even if you're just learning, than nothing.

Bravery isn't lack of fear. Bravery is action in the face of fear.

The time is now, and you are the one in place. So, pick up the camera, and what you can do is what you can do. Be here now.