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(I don't know what you're planning to do for settings on these photos, but please don't do Avedon-esque plain white backdrops)...
No, didn't plan on being the next Avedon. Not my style. I do plan on using this as a way to get used to my hacked 'studio lights', though, so there may be a few staged shots in there somewhere.

And, thinking about it a little more, 6x6 and 35mm may be a better idea. Even though I can use the Speed Graphic handheld, it still may be too heavy for, say, a dimly lit bar or a home at night. If I'm going to shoot 4x5 I think it will be studio-style. Who knows? There may be a few of those. The majority, though, I want to be able to get them doing something or being somewhere that they love. I want you to see these people as happy, even though, right now, the future is uncertain for many of them.

My dad was here a few days ago and told me that he's out looking for work. He used to be on the maintenance crew, but he got bumped back down to working in the press department when all the layoffs got to a point where they needed him there. He's been there for almost 30 years...since before I was born. I don't think he's ever worked anywhere else since he's been out of high school. He's applied as far as Story City, which is 40 miles away, and heard nothing back. He may have to look at leaving the area, and his grand kids, behind.

This is the type of things that I want people to know. Something like this doesn't just affect the workers, but also their families and the surrounding community.