Do it...and make it good, not lame, like so many of these types of projects. Pictures of people sitting there looking glum in their work environment, eyes straight at the camera, lit with artificial light...we've seen it a million times, and it says absolutely nothing about the people or the situation.

Don't worry about equipment. Load a 35mm camera with Delta 3200 and get what you can. What will matter most in making the project good or bad will be your ability to work with your subjects. IMO, you should strive for trust and openness from your subjects, and visually speaking, go for a consistent style and mood...and always remember that you are telling a story first and foremost...not taking pictures. Pictures are just your means of communicating the story.

I have never found another vacuum cleaner that works as well or that I love as much as my 1969 Electrolux. Good luck. I wish I could be doing this project!