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...I have never found another vacuum cleaner that works as well or that I love as much as my 1969 Electrolux. Good luck. I wish I could be doing this project!
Unfortunately this isn't the vacuum cleaner Electrolux. Electrolux split into a European and American branch decades ago, like around WWI or so, and the company in Europe went full bore into household appliances. The NA branch made the best vacuums in the world. (OK, confession, I worked for E-lux in the early 80s for a summer job. And I have my grandmother's 1968 Model L that still beats the bejeezers off the last plastic thing I got from Wal-mart!)

When the European company wanted in the American appliance market, they bought back the name, and the old vacuum cleaner company is now named Aerus. See http://www.137.com/lux/luxnow.html for some history.