In my experience, getting highlights to properly print on some fibre based papers is far harder than on RC paper. I recently printed a test print on some AGFA RC that I still had laying around. Good overall tonality from highlights to blacks. I than switched to my Kentmere Fineprint VC and started printing. The first thing I noticed was the lack of highlight detail, compared to the RC.

This was something I have only subconsiously been aware of before, as I usually don't proof my FB prints with RC.

However, the solution for me is really to pre-flash my papers. This kicks the highlights into the printable range. With only minimal additional burning in, I was than able to match the RC print.

I am slowly getting more and more convinced that pre-flashing paper is almost a necessity for all fibre based papers if you want to be able to capture the full density range of a negative... and that means shadows as well, as it will allow shorter exposure times, and a slightly lower overall contrast (although that mainly seems attributable to the lost highlights without pre-flashing)