When I got it home no one was around. Funny how nobody is ever around when some thing heavy needs to be moved-))) Well you know I wanted to try it out. The head was off so all I had to move was the rest of the thing. Maybe 140 lbs. I hauled it into the house. The big problem wasn't the weight but it was impossible to grab hold of the thing. Well I hauled it to the door. Too big to fit the door. Standing there grumbling I figured out that if I turned it on to it's side then I could put first one side in then turn it so the back got in. Once I had it inside I was smart enough to put it on some carpet and slide it across the floor.

Got it to the basement door. Oops what do I do now? Slide it!. So I grabbed hold of the back and slid it down the first four steps to the landing. That went pretty well. Only four steps. Problem was it was now pointing the wrong way. Get it turned around. The rest of the way down is more like 12 steps. I stopped. Went for a walk. Figured some body would be around to help. You know nobody showed up. I was getting itchy to try it out. So I started to slide it down the rest of the way. Every so often I would rest it on the lower step. Finally got it to the bottom. Can't drag it across the basement floor so I had to man handle it over to the bench. No problem all I need to do now is lift it up to the top of the bench. Hey that's only 39" off the floor. I go for a second walk-)) Come back and knew if I didn't just do it I'd have to wait until the next morning. So I basically just heaved it up there. Best part the bench didn't even move.

Got out the manual and turned to the section on alignments. Figured I would need to learn how to rebuild the thing. I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Maybe it was out of alignment when I started and all the abuse aligned it-))