Very interesting. I've read about it, but never tried it. Now I will. Wasn't it Edmond Becquerel (son of Antoine and father of Henri) who discovered that a latent image in silver iodide could be developed into a visible image with low intensity light? (in La Lumière, ses causes et ses effets, 1868) That's going back a bit before my time so, on this occasion, I'm only passing on what I've picked up from the guy at the end of the bar in the 9th Ave Saloon. Karaoke on Wednesday nights and free popcorn.

Mason attributes perborate latensification to Vanselow, Quirk and Leermakers: Latensification Studies with Sodium Perborate, PSA Journal, 1948. Peroxide latensification arrived much earlier: 1915?

How important is it to develop as soon as possible after exposure? How effective is it with highly sensitised films? How does perborate latensification compare to light latensification? Guess I'll have to find out now.

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