PM sent. Thanks for checking in.

Haven't heard from Nicole yet. I may try other methods of contacting her. This is, incidentally, why I usually ask for a current e-mail address and phone number. We had the portfolio go missing once for months and almost ended up sending someone to go knock on his door to find out what happened, after I'd made all sorts of phone calls and sent a letter as well as direct e-mails off forum.

I keep thinking I ought to just post the combination in the FAQ for the portfolio. The only reason we bother to lock it is to satisfy postal regulations. The lock doesn't really provide much in the way of security, since it is thin enough to cut easily, and someone could just as well cut open the zipper (and one participant in fact did so, not realizing what it was, and ended up having to replace the case). It seems very unlikely that someone could come in contact with the portfolio, would have an interest in stealing the contents, wouldn't be inclined just to break into the thing to find out what was there, and would know where to look for the combination. Would anyone object to posting the combination in the FAQ?