You can order from both LLauzeau and Photo Service. The products I use are:

Flexicolor C-41 SM Tank Dev (2 l), 175 6337
Flexicolor C-41 SM Tank Bleach (2.7 l), 882-4690
Flexicolor C-41 SM Tank Fixer (3.9 l), 846-2681
Flexicolor wash aid (1.5 l), 192-5254

I'm begining to get frustrated with LLauzeau. When I ask for chemicals, they first reply "I don't think it has been discontinued yet"!! Then they make me wait 2-4 weeks for the products. I went to Photo Service yesterday. They had a lot more inventory (chemicals, paper, film, supplies) than LLauzeau, and they could get the RA4 and C-41 chemicals in a week.

Let me know how it goes.