Hi all,

I currently shoot B&W in an RZ67 and mostly rely on my DSLR for colour, occasionally shooting some Velvia/Provia if I have an unusually deserving subject. However, I have the following problems:
- DSLR is low res so I want to get MF colour happening
- E6 is disgustingly expensive[1]
- I can now scan my slides passably but can't do them justice
- my scanner[2] refuses to give passable colour from C-41[3]
- I can't afford a new scanner yet
- I don't have (can't afford) a 6x7 projector
- I cannot obtain Ilfochrome paper or chems
- prints would be good for exhibition/wall purposes
- scans would be good for posting online

So. Do I persist with E6, maybe getting a Kodak one-shot 5L kit to develop it at home? What's a CPE2 worth these days? I could print hybrid but would probably have to pay for pro scans.

Or: do I try to go for C-41/RA-4? This will require at least a print drum, if not the motorized base. My enlarger has a colour head. Dev is only $3.50/roll at the lab, less if I get that Fuji-Hunt kit. This option probably gives me very good prints easily but scanning them to put online and make redundant backups is hard.

The last question is regarding projectors. How fast are 6x7 projector lenses typically? More to the point, is it reasonable to lash up a 5500K automotive HID lamp or two, enlarger condensor, film carrier and an RB 180/4.5? I could put all that together for a lot less than the usual projector prices but will it be bright and sharp enough? I am itching to see some of my slides on a 3m screen.

Help a dreamer out with your advice? thanks...

[1] $12.50/roll dev-only, no scan, not to mention $8-25/roll for film
[2] SprintScan 45 Ultra + VueScan, lamp replaced with one a little too blue
[3] I shot some new Ektar-100 and it looks indescribably crap no matter how I manipulate it; like a faded print from the '70s with all sorts of crossover faults and nasty skin-tones.