I have only been doing RA4 fro two years. Apparently, the temp sensitivity with modern papers is much less than older emulsions. I work at room temp (warm the room up to 72F). Charts are available for time/temp. My current work flow for RA4 is (all at room temp)
Wash 30sec
Dev 2 min
Stop 15sec
wash 30sec
blix 2 min

No temp baths etc. since everything is at room temp.
In a lot of ways, RA4 is easier than b&w, although colour balance does require some practice. Buy a colour print viewing kit. It makes colour balance adjustments easier for newbies like us.

Some folks use the dev as one-shot, some don't. The blix is reuseable. I use 50ml of dev. one-shot, and about 150ml in the washes, stop bath and blix (both stop and blix are re-used). The roller I use is made by simma and has an eccentric on one of the rollers so the drum rocks while it rotates, making for an even distribution of solution over the print surface. I use regular Kodak indicator stop bath for the stop, and save it for use only with RA4. The blix I mix in half-litre bottles. I find it exhausts after about 25 8X10 prints, so I pitch it and use fresh after 20 prints. I found the paper speed with colour much faster than b&w. While I may expose a b&w print for 10-15 sec at f11, Supra or Edge require about 3 sec. I guess that's a function of the paper useable with digital laser or optical printing. I have been printing some old negs of my kids from about 20 years ago. The prints I can make at home from those old colour negs are just gorgeous. The hardest part of RA4 is obtaining the paper and chemicals.