Yesterday at ye' old local antique mall, I found a box of Kodachrome Type A film, completely unopened with an expiration date of 1942! Literally, the box is still sealed shut. It's 828 film designed for the Kodak Bantam.

So, how rare a find is this? Is any one interested in it? Since it's 828 I assume you could roll it into a 35mm cartridge. Then again, I doubt if shooting and processing (if Dwayne's would even do it) would be worth it. I don't know what to do with it, but ideas would be appreciated it.

Can't wait to hear your responses.

P.S. Also I got an old Agfa tin, with no film, but it's a cool old canister. I believe it's 35mm, but for bulk loading. It too expired in 1942, and on the tin has a warning about flammability, as it's a nitrate film! It's Ultra-Speed Panchromatic film. And by ultra-speed they mean 64 I think. There's some hand written numbers on it, one for a Weston number of 100 and then 64, which doesn't actually add up, as I understand it. Whatever, it's a neat old piece of history.