I believe that weight is an asset in a tripod as is extreme strength...particularly for the best quality 35mm work. If i had the money and I would get either an A or J series Reis tripod or even a C series with an appropriate head. Not having that amount of money I got a Majestic tripod designed for 8x10 usage and have been absolutely satisfied with it. To get the best use out of it I have an eye attached to the bottom of the center post. I use a very strong bungee cord with it attached to the foot pad. I lock my mirror up and apply the full force of all my lard downward on the foot pad when taking a photo. I will not reveal my weight but it is well in excess of what any camera bag is likely to carry and would quickly kill a lesser tripod.. To do something like this will startle you with the resolving power of what fine grained 35mm can accomplish with a quality lens that is in proper focus. I know you wanted something light. Well I want to turn you into a bodybuilding champion who takes extremely sharp photos.

If you go to the Carl Zeiss website(www.carlzeiss.de) and go thru the older issues of camera lens news you will see their opinion on a tripod for high resolution photography. They recommend a set of Sachtler carbon fiber legs that weigh 7.5 pounds with a carrying capacity of 202 pounds with a Sachtler video head that weighs 18 pounds. I can contemplate carrying 25 pounds. My problem is that in looking this equipment up at B&H is that it cost approximately $6500.00 I came to the conclusion that if I ever had an extra $6500 I would use it as a down payment on a 300mm 2.8 Apo-Tessar in Contax mount.