Update (3 weeks till wedding).

Took the Canonet for a run on Australia day put through 3 films. Pictures came out perfectly, however I found my self struggling with the awkward focus lever thing being so close to the body (guess I have big fingers).

Mean while at our camera collectors meeting I asked about my film travel problem with the Zorki (I'm officially embarrassed) the old bloke showed me the basics again of how to load a film into a camera... seriously have been doing this since the 80s... well, unlike the canonet and my old prakticas where you drop the cassette in place pull the film over and let the take up spool pick it up by its self... the Zorki which i try to load the same way but with poking the film through by my self... apparently you poke the film all the way through the slot on the take up spool first, letting it go right the way through so it doubles back on its self, then you pull the film across and drop the cassette in place. It doesn't matter that the end of the film may get caught in the take up spool when you rewind as ... ... ... the end of the film is all ready exposed from when you loaded it, and so it doesn't matter if you have to pull the back off the camera to get the last piece of film to separate from the take up spool (after you have already rewound the bulk of it) as the end is already exposed! and this means zero chance of the film falling of the spool cause i haven't stuck the end in enough! all i have to do is make sure the release mechanism for rewinding is released properly and it will work fine!!

I intend to take Zorki purely as I am comfortable using it, even shooting from the hip making good sharp pictures without people realizing they are being photographed therefore capturing the true moment. Also Zorki has several lenses I can interchange though i think wide is good for group scenes and especially candid moments. Any portrait pictures will be taken with Mamiya Press camera, and any other formal pics will be done by the pro photographer any how.
This way I can take some fun pics but not be swept away from my family -kind of like this guy from the 70s...! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_Yo3FRPeQw