Alright I am searching nearly in vain for a 4x5 enlarger in the Philadelphia area. I currently use a b22XL + Dichroic (obviously not for LF) and this d5 seems like a near dream machine.

The issue is the man who currently owns this machine does not know what it is precisely, or how it works. There is no manual. I think I will need that.

He has a D5XL, and the Ilford 500 lamphouse and controller, and probe. He also has a Super Chromega D power supply, a footswitch for a Chromegatrol supply with a couple of not-quite-right lenses.

Are these items sufficient to operate the machine (less lens)? I understand the ilford 500 is a useful item to have, but it is not useful at all if it does not function. Usually items like this have a separate power supply, so is that missing? Can something be adapted?

also in this venture I'll be required to search out another enlarging lens.

Now I have the cash to lay out for this equipment, but I don't have a whole lot. This device is on the high end of that I'm able to spend on this, so the additional cost of a lens is something. Also, this transaction will require about 2.5 hour road time, so no I cannot just go monkey with it.

Another thing to consider of course is I am very much getting used to shooting 4x5 and not at all used to printing it. A sad state of affairs.

I would greatly appreciate any advice and insight with regard to these machines, or even other options.