I agree. The KX is just a K1000 with mirror lock up and dof preview. Usually sells for about half the price of the K1000 since it doesn't have the cult status of the K1000 either. I have always liked pentax. My advice is to stay with the Pentax K mount. The MEsuper is also a great small camera with auto exposure option.
You can get an adapter for using screw mount lenses with your K mount body. Pentax is the only camera manufacturer (IIRC) that offers 100% backwards compatibility with their lenses. You can use any lens Pentax ever made with a K mount body (film or digital). The only exception is the short lived Pentax 110slr. Adapters are made to use 645 and 67 lenses on K mount cameras too. This has caused an upward push in used lens prices as the digishooters are buying up the used lenses. If you know someone who shoots Pentax digital, ask him/her if they have a film body or two kicking around they might let you have for cheap. A colleague at work GAVE me a Pentax Spotmatic and a KX body, both with working meters. He bought them off ebay for the lenses, and had no interest in the film bodies.