I believe the word "real" in the term "real property" is a latin based word to attribute absolute property rights as rights that were granted to the real or royal. Real property used to be a real thing in this country (USA) before the neo-serfs decided that it was alright to accept the burden of paying taxes on the land. To my recollection, all other property rights in the world were either unclaimed and/or natural such as to indigenous peoples or some head honcho war lord or lucky inheritor owned the land and everyone else had to pay homage somehow to that big dude. Real property is a new term. Kings title. Allodial title to land. Unwavering, unfettered property rights. On your own property you are very much a King! A King in a land of many sovereign Kings! That is REAL Estate.

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Digging a bit farther back, the word real apparently originates with the Latin res, for law; and it's akin to a sanskrit word rayi, or property.

Love this word stuff. Now, what was the original topic here?