The only Jupiter in that focal length usable on Leica is Jupiter 9 (82/2) in LTM (i.e. Leica thread mount, not to be confused with Kiev/Contax mount).
To use it, you will also need a 90mm LTM-M bayonet adapter - you screw the lens into adapter, and then the whole shebang onto your Leica.

Beware: many Jupiter 9 lenses have been unprofessionally disassembled, and will not focus properly - I've heard that the ration on ebay is about 4:1 or 3:1 in favour of junkers - which means you have less than 30% chance of getting a Jupiter which will work without problems with your Leica.

My advice: buy from a camera store or from a VERY reputable seller, and ask for their return policy. The best thing to do is try before you buy.