I am using a Jobo CPP-2, and I am just starting to process E-6. My first roll came out quite dark, but with otherwise good color. I suspect that my first developer and other steps might have been at too low of a temperature.

I suspect that this might be because of the level of water in the tempering bath. Though the processor will hold the water at a steady 38C, the water level only comes about halfway up the bottles. If I try to fill it any more, the drainage outlet starts draining and I am back to where it started. Is it normal for the water level to be that low? In the manual they say it should be up to the shoulders of the bottles, but on mine the max is about 2/3rds the way to the shoulders. It seems like this would make the tempering bath kind of useless, since it is only warming the bottom parts of the bottles and graduates.

Has anyone else had this issue? And if I stopper the drainage pipe and fill it up to the point that the bottles are properly covered, do I risk damaging anything? I can always make another warming bath in a tray next to the processor, but that kind of defeats the point of paying all the cash for a processor that is supposed to be accurate to .1 degree!