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Hello all,

I've got myself a Jobo CPA2 with Lift and want to develop some 8x10" B&W for Pt/Pd.

The last time I used Pyro was PMK in a Jobo rotary drum (2000 series) on a CPE2 - I got strips of higher stain density along the base side of the film where the ribs rest on the film... They were only barely visible on the neg, but the stain worked as expected and blocked the UV well enough to make dark 'ribs' in the highlights/smooth toned areas of my images - skies ruined/negs unusable (how to bleach off stain on one side of the neg only!?)...

I remember reading in the Weese/Sullivan Pt/Pd book that Rollo Pyro goes someway into solving rotary processing issues - and I've also found the article on Pyrocat-HD at unblinking eye but neither specifically state the problem I am having... If I had to choose Pyrocat-HD sounds like the winner but am I just going to be getting it and discovering I have to go back to trays at midnight and the PMK may as well be used up anyway ??

Is there anyway around the "take the drum off of the Jobo every 1-1/2 to 2 minutes and tilt it back and forth while rotating it by hand for about 15 seconds" solution ? or is it even a solution for what I am talking about ? Seems to me that the ribs via surface tension are just keeping a slightly higher amount of the developer for longer thereby a bit more activity (the stains were larger than the ribs but perfectly lined up) - hmmm, doesn't the stain adhere to silver (?) and there is no silver on the base ...

I LOVE daylight processing (E6, what a hoot!) so I'm really keen to get pyro going with the Jobo - hoping to find someone who a. knows the issue I have and b. knows how to solve it

Anyone ?

Kind Regards,
Hello Nick: I have used both Rollo Pyro AND Pyrocat- HD in Jobo expert tanks, 8x10, using the CPP processor following the directions specified with the developers. Thus far, I have not had any marks or problems of any kind.