Streaks and high b+f was reported in the very early days of PMK. The main issue is tht the developer oxidizes very rapidly. Solutions offered have been, 1) splitting the total volume of developer, discarding half of it at the mid-way point and adding the fresh, 2) adding a bit of sulfite to the working solution, or 3) adding some ascorbic acid to the working solution.

All of these methods work, but Rollo Pyro and Pyrocat-HD and -MC work equally well without any of the above remedies and give results that are just as good as.

The stain from the ridge marks is another issue, and is caused by agitation. It can be reduced or eliminated by, 1) using a much weaker dilution of the developer, with extended development time to compensate, or by 2) slowing down the rotation of the drum in RPM, or 3) by both 1 and 2.

Sandy King