Over the last few weeks, I have been busy fabricating a wet plate plate holder for my Chamonix. It's a work in progress, but I am over 2/3 rds of the way into it. The most difficult aspect was recreating a film back that fit the rear standard of the Chamonix, and more importantly, takes the brunt of the chemical stains!! That piece is done and the attached picture shows the new back, and the new ground glass frame. As I did not want to convert a 4x5 film holder for quarter plate, I made it 4 1/2" square. It maximizes lens coverage (approx 7" Darlot) and easily fits inside the square dimensions of the Chamonix rear standard and inside measurements of the bellows.

The photo shows the final trim piece on top and I plan on making one for the top and left hand side so they are flush on all 3 sides. Brass hinges on the left vertical side will finish that piece off and allow me to swing the GG out of the way. Then I will make a replica of the GG frame (which will be the plate holder) only a little fatter on the back side so I have room for a black phenolic resin rear door. I have some Garolite black phenolic ordered for that. The plate holder will fit inside the space the GG occupies when hinged open and have brass tabs locking it down.

I should have it completed this week and will post more pictures then.