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The stain from the ridge marks is another issue, and is caused by agitation. It can be reduced or eliminated by, 1) using a much weaker dilution of the developer, with extended development time to compensate, or by 2) slowing down the rotation of the drum in RPM, or 3) by both 1 and 2.

Sandy King
I'm chasing the perfect Pt/Pd neg, which I've now got in trays and PMK (usually no contrast control required in printing, just #1 and #3 and away I go... or just the smallest bit low con so I have a bit of choice with some subjects and can use very dilute NA2).

I can hear the 'if it aint broke' - its just that to tray develop I need to do this nights - the light proofing is hard work with the sun out and I'm working most nights anyway...

Weaker developer - so using EDTA might work in a round about way against the ridge mark issue ? I think I'm going to get some Pyrocat-HD and start again as lower strength dev and less agitation sounds like it'll work against my PMK process which involves a push.

Do I still do the shake it the other way trick or is that just for the "hot streaks in 7x17" (unblinking eye) ?

John - expert drums on ebay are more expensive alone that my complete kit was here, and then there is the pump too - I'm not sure if I need one, as if you're getting good results with 7x17 in 2000 series and then rib streaks in a 3063

Maybe I shouldn't worry as I'm shooting a squarer formats anyway - what is it with the 7x17" ? I did note the effect was pretty much masked by busy scenes and only showed up in areas like sky, maybe its the general subject choice of 7x17" users that lend something to it being noticed more and its happening more than other people realize in other formats/subjects but is hidden in the detail or shadows ?