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DR317 - Yes i am. Love to go shoot with you sometime. There is a great photographer named Don House that shoots film and lives around there, be sure and look him up. Have fun with your LF.

Cheryl - Your playing with the Cate Brothers?! I used to watch them play a lot at George's.
Yeah, played with Ernie Saturday night. He's awesome. Also Gerry Moss, Paul Hughes, Bill White, and my regular drummer John Ware. John is the cog in the wheel, having played with all these guys in past bands like Emmylou Harris' Hot Band, Levon Helms, Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, the First National Band, Roseanne Cash, and a bunch of others. The whole show is in a barn and all recorded live. It's a hoot.

I suppose we'll be doing it again in August, according to our traditional timeline. You should stop by.

- CJ