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Nobody said they did [change DOF].
Well, I sorta did; mea culpa....

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Then there is the issue of tilts, which make it very easy to produce extremely shallow DOF on some MF and most LF cameras.
...and to clarify, I should have written that tilts can evoke shallower DOF by allowing the photographer to focus selectively.

Along those lines, we are all familiar with the 'miniaturizing' effect of extremely selective focus via tilts. Oddly, this seems to affect every one in roughly the same way- and not only those of us who've done a lot of macro photography and are used to fighting for DOF when we do. But even those who've never even touched a macro lens also seem to associate selective focus with miniaturization. Apparently we are trained by cinema and other media to perceive it that way (as Thebes just noted).