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The rib markings are weird as they're not on the emulsion side of the neg. right? How you pre-wash seems to have an effect. I found that filling up drum to the lip with distilled water and then inserting sheet film in slots was the only solution to this problem.
Ok - whew, depending on the drum that's a lot of distilled water :o - the room I load film in isn't of the wet variety unfortunately ...

Reverse engineering your solution doesn't give me any clues as to the action of the issue itself though - ok, so now the film is wet, but how much or less 'wet' than an initial pre-wet via the usual method of less un-distilled water and a bit of agitation ... (?)

Perhaps a bit off topic but I did some 4x5 E6 yesterday in two identical model drums - the little 2000 series ones that can do 2x 4x5" - 2 frames from one of the drums came out with sort of 'gummy' strips where the rib sat on the base, one frame it cleaned off fine, the other left strips of abrasion, perhaps from a too vigorous cleaning - the 2 frames from the other drum, completely clear ... I cant see any difference between drums, but I did process them sequentially using the same soup ... Anyway, perhaps a bit off topic, but rib related I guess.