Rachelle, I know what you mean, for the last round I'm 41 out of 50 so I'm doing a bit better. Round 18 was the first round that I printed out the address list and checked off the cards as they arrived. I'm probably better off if I don't keep track. After looking at the cards I have received in round 18, I'm am still very happy that I participated, there are some really fantastic cards.

As far as the store bought card, that is the first one that I have received after doing about 6 exchanges.I pm'ed donminbox about the card and he said that it was send by mistake. dominbox has assured me that he will send a proper card right away. Still waiting and will certainly post if I receive the card.

Finally I will make every effort to get my cards out on time, I was one of the delinquent participants in round 18.