I have the 3221G. It is Green with foam on the upper half of the legs. I tried using it with my Sinar, but I found it a little light. The head I used was the 3047. The tripod was great for travel, and the foam makes it fairly comfortable on my shoulders when I carry it with camera attached. I have switched to the 3401 tripod and still use the 3047 head. This tripod does not have the best centerpost tightening arrangment, but it is otherwise a much better choice (for me). It is fairly light yet very stable and it comes with a second, short center post which has come in very handy. The 3221 came with a two piece centerpost which was more or less useless for 4x5, but ok for 35mm and my mamiya 6.

The 3047 head is not quite up to the job of 4x5 and I hope to change soon for a geared 3-way head. I have never found a ball head usefull for 4x5, but then I have only owned the bogan/manfrotto 3055 and I've heard people speak more highly of the arca-swiss than they do of their spouses.