Question 1: Does anyone out there want Polywarmtone back ?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Question 1a: If yes will you still buy it if it is sold at about the price of Variotone ?
Definitely. If Polywarmtone came back to life I would never buy any other paper. Polywarmtone is all I need.

Why am I asking when with MCC we will have a perfect neutral- to warm-tone paper and with Variotone we have a brilliant warmtone enlarging paper ?
Because Variotone is not Polywarmtone. It's a nice paper, but it's not as responsive to toners and to different developers and developing techniques as Polywarmtone was. I'm sure an experienced printer can make Variotone look any way he wants it to, but just about any printer could to that with Polywarmtone with a lot less effort.