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Could it be that that is "only" the case for the UK? Fujifilm.com still has 120 and even 220 listed, and I just received a five-pack of 120 from an order placed in Germany. Fujifilm USA still lists 35 mm, 120 and 220, and even Fuji in my country still lists these 3 confections.
I'm not sure - but this is an excerpt from an email from the head of pro film at fujifilm UK (Yes they do have someone specifically in this role!)

Hi Matthew

Got your order. However there are some issues you should know about before it is processed...

Pro800Z 120 is discontinued.

Whether this means it is around in other parts of the world, I dont know, but I would think not.

They also tell me they have ceased production of 220 "Japan will not make any amount"

I will double check these issues though.