Thanks for the recent posts !

Wayne: Currently, the process is indeed hybrid, and a bit longer than what you are used to...but this is mainly because I am at the low end of the concentrations of the active ingredients in the bath. Thus, at present, the bleach is more of a dye-bleach bath rather than a silver-dye-bleach bath. So, I have to get rid of a little silver with the equivalent of a blix operation tacked on (this will change). For the moment, I am also sticking with the divided 1st developer approach, which works well in a drum system. Threfore, things are not quite perfect yet for a 3-tank processor.

I am aware of the APUG posts on hypo modification of standard developers which many of you have used. It would of course be profitable if these experiments were continued.

Pat: It appears to me that many people in Australia have huge, pent-up frustration concerning Ilfochrome due to lack of availability of chemistry...Can you comment?

AgX: Keep searching...I could not find anything myself, except for the encouragement of PE.

I am communicating with a few others via PM. A few issues have cropped up:
1) Many want a way to successfully use hoarded, outdated material. Although, I too have bought alot
of the old RC stuff on e-bay for my work, the unknown variables introduced are not conducive to a rigorous approach at present.

2) For those in other countries, the complex web of international regulation regarding transit is an issue for ME. Having detected that some people are put-off by the prospect of breaking any laws, I have just squeezed my network, and now I can FedX under the umbrella of a biotech company that already has a system for sending molecules worldwide.

3)Any potential takers need a modicum of standard photo chemicals (especially potassium iodide on e-bay), and initially, need to start off with with the easiest images...flatter, compressed tonal range, without large highlight areas.