It's difficult for me to determine whether a photograph of mine has that dynamic quality - because I was there when I shot it. I know the story.

Right now I'm trying to select an image for a print exchange. I have been looking at one for a few days. It's meaningful to me because I know the bigger story, but judging whether that shows up in the image is difficult.

I handed it to my 16 year old son and said, "tell me what you see". He gave me one word, that I thought came up short. But I asked him. Then I asked, "tell me about the elements". He said, "it's raining". Good observation. I asked another (dumb, I guess) question; can you tell he's holding the flag? He looked at me with that "duh" look and said "yes". That was about it.

He could tell the littlest bit about the image, but does it have impact?

Do you wrestle with these questions?