17 Feb 2010

Received cards this past week form ...
Mick Fagan: Fantastically sharp, well composed, and nicely printed. I do not think I could photograph in 40C heat, WOW! Thanks Mick.
Shaggysk8: I really like how this photography prompts the viewer to ask any number of questions. The blank wall with some shadow accents make the print more compelling. Thanks Paul.
Gurkenprinz: Two really happy nuns alright. You captured the spirit of the moment in this photo. I smile every time I look at you card. Thanks Christian.

Even though I was disappointed when receiving donminbox's card, my addiction to this exchange has not diminished. I have also kept track of the cards that I receive, the cards I do not get are part of being involved in a large exchange of work. As with others, if I (drpsilver) was supposed to send you a card and you did not get it PM me and I will get one in the mail after my next darkroom session.

As for Round #19, my cards went in the mail yesterday. Hope you get them soon.