Here are first 2 items from an ongoing garage sale. First is the Packard shutter.

This is a 6 1/2 inch Packard with 3 1/2 inch opening.

This is a #5 Packard. It has bulb only, no instantaneous. That means the aperture blades open on positive pressure, and close on negative pressure. $65 + shipping. I can provide new bulbs for $8 each. I don't have any decent tubing.

Next is an obscure but fabulously cool item. This is a Heath Color Canoe. Ever seen one?

It was made for color process where keeping the stuff in a temperature control water bath was paramount. So this sits in a water bath and rocks back and forth with your 8X10 inch slide film.

It is solid stainless steel. Just a gorgeous and rare item. Still in it's original box with the original receipt. $65 + shippingUSD
Price : 65.00